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Tov top kids in private schools

Meet the top Tov kids in private school,from Venecia Gaeses Grade 10 and Emilia Vatiliva Grade 6.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

                 Who we are?:

The Tov-multipurpose-center is a welfare organisation which is located in Tsumeb, Namibia.

It was founded in the year 2001
by Rev. Edward Amadhela.

           The Idea:

The idea of the center is to help HIV/AIDS Orphans and vulnerable Children by providing them a safe environment, where they do not have to worry about food, where they can have some fun together and, especially, where they have the possibility to be concentrated on studying. 
Because the vision of the center is to empower the children through education to become Masters of their own destiny, so that they have a better future outside the townships.

Every year volunteers from different countries are coming to our center to help us or offer for example German classes to our children.

Maria Mungomba ( left side ) started working in the year 2017 in the Center. She cleans the Center everyday and cooks the lunch for the children.
Rev. Edward Amadhela ( right side ) was the founder of Tov in the year 2001. He built it all up and is organizing everything. He is living with the children in the Center and is all the time there for them.

Which of our ideas have we turned into reality in the past?:

After the founding of Tov, Amadhela has built up the center with the help of his partners. It consists of a kitchen, an office, an Computer-room, where the children can use the PCs, 3 Class-rooms, where the children can study, 3 rental rooms and 2 rooms, in which six girls are living.

59 children are coming everyday for a warm lunch in the center.

All of them are living in the Townships of Tsumeb. It is a very hard environment. Often they do not have enough food at home and it is difficult to be concentrated on the school because it is very noisy. So they can use the Computer-room or the study-rooms for studying in the Center, after they have finished lunch. 

Only 6 girls are living in the Center seven days in the week.

At the moment two girls are going to private schools. The education here is much better than in government-schools, so the girls have a bigger possibility for the future.

To get the money that is necessary for all those things, Tov has built a house for rental. So we rent all together three rooms and one house to people to earn some money.

Moreover we have the "Tov-evergreen"-Farm outside from Tsumeb. It has 10 hektar and we are farming here with cattle, chickens and vegetables, like Spinach, Mais etc. We are using the products from the farm for our children or sell them to earn some money to buy things that are necessary.

What do we want to achieve in the future?:

We have the goal for the future that instead of 6 girls, 30 girls can live seven days in the week in the center rather than in the townships.

Furthermore we try to give 8 more children the possibility to go on a private school, to improve their education as good as possible.

Moreover we are planning to improve our farm. We want to get some more chickens and also a place where we can cultivate fishes and sell them, so that we earn more money, which is necessary to achieve our goals.
Furthermore we want to have more self-produced food for our children.

We are looking forward to achieve those goals!

But we need your help:

All the things that we have built up in the past would not have been possible, without the help of our friends and partners. They help us with their time and ideas ( for example during the building process of the center or the farm, they have spent time with our children and much more ) and help us with donations to have the possibility to turn our ideas into reality. 

And it is the same for the future. We need people who are ready to help us to achieve our goals and help our children.

The help of others is the ground on which our work is possible. Without it, it is impossible for us and other welfare organisations to keep on working.

For what are we using donations?:

  • to improve our farm (buy more chicken, cultivate more vegetables)
  • for buying food for the children
  •     for buying the school-things that are necessary for the children
  •     for sending more children to private schools
  •     and much more...
At the moment we are working on our Lunch-plan. We are trying to make it more healthy:

At the moment it looks like this:


Rice with chicken and fresh carrots. 

Pap with milk and fresh apples

Rice with vegetable-soup

Pap with Spinache

Makkaroni with beef and soup and a fresh pear

We are looking for people who want to get involved in this plan. Just a donation from 10 euros in the month ( = 150 $N ) would help a lot! So please contact us if you are interested! :)

If you would like to get involved or donate something, we want that you have the possibility to know exactly for what we are using it! So that you do not have the feeling that your donations just floating away, without knowing for what we are using it!

So if you would like to help our Namibian children you can contact us under this number:

( Telephone): +264-67221289/92

(Cellphone): +264-812748618

or this email-Address:

You can get to know us on a personal-level and we will tell you for what we would use donations at the moment or what kind of help we are needing.

We are so thankful for everyone, who would like to help us! 

Tov in the newspaper yesterday!

We are looking forward to hear from you! :)

Best greetings

the Tov multipurpose center! :)

To learn more about us, follow us on Facebook or Instagram! :)

Top Tov children visit St Boniface College in East Kavango.

Tov top kids in private schools

Meet the top Tov kids in private school,from Venecia Gaeses Grade 10 and Emilia Vatiliva Grade 6.